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NHOA Elects Alaka'ina Family of Companies Representative to the Board of Directors

The Native Hawaiian Organization Association (NHOA) is a trade association established to promote, protect, and advocate for all Native Hawaiian Organizations (NHOs). This association unifies all NHO members by taking a collaborative approach in combatting all legislative and small business challenges.

On 13 October 2023 Mr. Naki Sabas, Director of Government Relations, and Senior Program Manager was elected to the Native Hawaiian Organization Association's Board of Directors on behalf of Alaka`ina Foundation Family of Companies. This opportunity allows the AFFOCs the opportunity to better understand all legislative, community, and Small Business priorities being lobbied by the Association.


The following is the membership acceptance speech

"First, I would like to thank the membership for all that you do for the NHO program and the Native Hawaiian Community we all support and live in. For those of you who do not know me, my name is Naki Sabas. Proud Graduate of Kamehameha Schools Kapalama. For the past seven years I have supported the Alakaina Foundation Family of Companies across various opportunities and roles. I started first as an intern here in Hawaii while I was attending my undergrad. Following my undergrad, I moved to Orlando Florida where I started my career in operations. In January of 2022 I moved back home with a skillset to run the Pacific Region for the Alaka’ina foundation family of companies. It is a blessing to have been exposed to the NHOA as a young professional and a member over the past two years. With the different roadblocks that we faced over the past two years, we faced them together. We all bound together to create a united force whether that be the community give back thresholds or parity.

The Alakaina Foundation is one of the oldest and largest NHO’s. With that being said, we have various resources to contribute to achieving the goals that are set forth by the participating members of this association. We all contribute to the community in our own way, and the purpose of this association is to protect and enhance our ability to benefit our community. The value we provide to the community looks different across all NHOs which ultimately is the beauty of this program.

I personally feel that I can benefit the NHOA board and all participating members in various ways. My time spent on the hill and life surrounded by politics has allowed me to make different connections locally and in DC to assist in pushing legislation that can benefit us all. My time in operations, specifically here in Hawaii has taught me a different style of business. As residents of this beautiful state, we all face the same challenges. Managing people, while making money is an art here that many do not understand until you live here. Lastly, I care. I care about this community. I care about this legacy. I am personally connected to the NHO program and everyone sitting in this room has been blessed by our late Senator Inouye who fought hard for this opportunity. He set a baseline for us, and it’s our kuleana to get smarter, fight harder, unite, and grow this opportunity to the fullest extent possible."


Naki Sabas

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